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Web copywriting is ability to write original content for a website that reads well for a page viewer while featuring specific keywords and phrases that best describes the business and website offers. There is definitely an art to optimizing copy written material so that the website reads well and ranks well for the specific key terms that describe the business niches best.

No Keyword Spamming

If you were to repeat a keyword forty to fifty times on a page, you would be significantly risking your rank for most of the search engines. The search engine discourages keyword spamming, therefore your search engine placement results will be compromised if you cross the line.

Original, Informative and Well-written Content is Imperative

It is imperative that your website presents original, informative and well-written content that drives customers to respond to a call for action. Quality copy written content drives other business websites to point link to your site, which is an essential step for cost effective website promotions. This is a great method for developing the best ranking with the search engines naturally. When search engine companies review a website that does not use original content for indexing will often penalize your site for unethical practices and your target audience will have a difficult time finding you through the search engines. Here are a few tips on writing good web copy:

  • Decide on 2 - 4 keywords on which you want to focus. Include them in your main headline and in the <title> tag. Then determine how to sprinkle these keywords throughout your page without making it sound stiff or otherwise unnatural. Any more than 5 keywords dilutes your message and makes your page rank poorly with the search engines.

  • Keep it short and simple. Because web users are generally scanning, not reading, the more concise your content is, the easier it is to scan. Write concisely. Then, cut, edit, boil down, paraphrase and finally trim a little more.

  • Use the inverted pyramid style. Put the essential information first. Then, follow with more details. This way, the reader can quickly get to the point and purpose of your page and decide whether or not they want to keep reading for more details.

  • Put your most important content "above the fold" when your page is longer than the browser window because when users are scanning your page, they take in titles, beginnings of paragraphs and the first words in a sentence. Start your paragraphs with the most important and relevant words to work like a header to the paragraph. This is called "front-loading" and makes your content easier for the reader to quickly scan.

  • Use headlines and headings. Headlines and lower-order headings benefit from being large and high-contrast, so they attract the eye. Once you've attracted the eye, a headline needs hooks to catch your reader's attention. Use headings within a document to make it easy to scan the document's meaning. Good headlines get your reader curious, so they'll read more.

  • Use the active voice. Active voice is when someone or something does something (actively). Passive voice is when something is being done to someone or something. "Over 50,000 users per day read this publication" is active voice. "This publication is read by over 50,000 users per day" is passive voice. Active voice gets your point across quicker with fewer words and takes less time for users to understand what you're trying to tell them.

  • Establish trust with the online users. People are inclined not to trust online businesses because it's so easy for them to come and go. Some ways you can establish trust include making your website aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, disclosing your physical location, offering a service guarantee or a return policy directly on your site and include testimonials from your other customers. Joining the Better Business Bureau and displaying their seal on your site is another effective way you can establish trust with your users.

"Every successful piece of nonfiction should leave the reader with one provocative thought that he or she didn't have before. Not two thoughts, or five-just one." (Zinsser, 53)


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