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Choose Your Ad Agency and Define its Role

Choose an agency based on what you need. For example, if you plan to use broadcast media most extensively, worth with a media agency that specializes in broadcast media. Seaside Capital is an internet advertising agency who specializes in web development and natural search marketing. Choose an agency that specializes in print collateral to put together your brochures, letterhead, business cards and other print materials if your main medium is print. Be sure the ad agency's style matches your corporate culture. If you're a conservative mortgage lender, choosing an agency that has a bold, unconventional style just won't work.

Once you've chosen the agency, share your knowledge about your business and industry. Then, share with them the research you did on your competitors and your idea of what your unique selling position is. The ad agency can then polish your message and make it memorable to your customers and potential customers as long as what they come up with doesn't detract from your message. But don't settle for second best. If what they come up with detracts from your USP, work with them to edit it to your satisfaction.

Regarding roles: your role is to do the initial legwork-research your competitors, share your overall business and industry knowledge with the ad agency, share the knowledge you gain from your competitors' marketing collateral and manage the advertising campaign by monitoring the ad performance, keeping track of the deadlines and progress of new collateral, etc. Let the ad agency concentrate on helping you fine-tune your message and laying out your advertising so that it fits within your budget and marketing plan parameters.

Keep Your Message Consistent

Once you settle on your message, it's best not to change it unless you have an extremely good reason to do so--like finding that your previous ad wasn't effective, launching new products, etc. Each change has the potential of taking you back to square one, but worse because you've now confused your customers and prospects that were used to the previous ads.


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